Hello, Santa?

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Our beloved St. Nicholas lives in the hearts of children of all ages. We envision the red suit with white furry trim, the black belt with matching boots and the thick, white beard. I would argue not all Santa’s look like the jolly ‘ol man that first comes to mind.

Becoming a Drummer Boy

The story begins in a small town in East Texas. A talented student athlete was told he was too small to play football. In Texas, it has been said football is king so this news from the coach came as a blow. Exploring another interest, the student joined the high school band intending to play the trombone. Soon the percussion section caught his eye, in particular the drums, and his path was set in motion.

While still at high school, the athlete turned musician was asked to join a Dixieland type band formed by a childhood friend. The duo worked hard on their music and ultimately formed a band which was signed to a local producer and their first song was born. A short time later, they met, by chance, a fellow Texan already famous in his own right. They wrote and recorded several songs for him before meeting their soon to be band members going on to be one of the most successful bands of their generation.

Success Brings Philanthropy

The drummer achieved a level of success and celebrity status so he could afford to help individuals and organizations associated with causes he supported. His idea was to establish funding streams for non-profit organizations whose missions were close to his heart. Not living in Texas any longer didn’t deter him from wanting to help his hometown with important projects.

Armed with money and hungry for ideas, he called his hometown to explore possible funding opportunities. He left a telephone message for the professional assigned to the interesting project. Back then, email was just a glimmer in the eyes of technology and texting was a misspelled word. A written message for taken for the officer and put on her desk.

The Gift Waiting to be Given

I can imagine folks with the kind of accomplishments the drummer has achieved, a timely action was expected. He waited and waited. I’m sure he was probably writing new music, collaborating on projects or even polishing his Grammy awards while he waited and waited. Didn’t they know he was Santa calling to offer his mighty name and financial resources to the town project? Soon it became evident he was not going to receive a call back.

Moving the Sleigh

What was this Texas born Santa to do? He packed his sleigh and moved on to another project in another city saddened he couldn’t gift some of his treasures to his hometown. I wonder what happened to the officer who didn’t return Santa’s call. I would venture to guess she is no longer with the community project. It’s too bad, really, because a simple telephone call could have changed the path for the project and gave the Texas Santa a sense of pride to give back. And, maybe, just maybe prove to the high school coach he may have been too small to play football but he was larger than life on the music stage.

Naughty or Nice List

The Texas mega-star Santa is definitely on the Nice List. The East Texas city officer not returning his call, probably on the Naughty List. This story played out several years ago. I’m confident the music star is still making music and his hometown is still surviving. Oh, but how it could have been if a phone call could have started with ‘Hello, Santa, is that you’?