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News | September 22, 2020

Zoom – From a Sound Effect to a Way of Life

A year ago when the word zoom was spoken it was coming from children playing with model trucks. Today zoom is a proper noun and a way of life. In 2020, Zoom meetings are the norm which means we should have proper Zoom etiquette. Recently my friend Nancy Foster shared an article by Maile Waite. Waite has identified eleven Zoom etiquette tips we can use to make sure your virtual meetings are professional and valued by all participating.
News | Aug 13, 2020

The Million Dollar Note

Mrs. Hayes needed help. She was assigned to teach classes at her high school in the culinary arts department. Given the fact our city’s top economic generator is tourism, she thought a tourism and hospitality course for her students was in order. As a career teacher she knew she needed to outsource this job to another.
News | Aug 10, 2020

Hello, Santa?

​Our beloved St. Nicholas lives in the hearts of children of all ages. We envision the red suit with white furry trim, the black belt with matching boots and the thick, white beard. I would argue not all Santa’s look like the jolly ‘ol man that first comes to mind.
News | Jul 23, 2020

One for the Books

The printed word in today’s digital culture is a treasure just as generational friends. Real books you can touch and hold while enjoying the message are timeless. Recently, a high school classmate reached out to me through social media. When I didn’t respond, she went ‘old school’ and started calling friends of friends, other schoolmates and even parents of friends to contact me. My cell phone buzzed with an unknown caller number displayed. Answering with reluctance, I was so delighted to hear my friend Robin’s voice. She laughingly admonished me for not reacting to her attempts to reach me through social media all while delighted to hear my voice. She was calling to make me an offer I couldn’t reuse. I was intrigued as she started talking about her current journey.